Balloon Twisting Workshop Incursion in Brisbane

Balloon Twisting Workshops in Brisbane

A 30 min Magic Show followed by 1 hour
of balloon twisting crazy fun

You will learn how to make
* A mystery object
* A balloon Dog
* A balloon Sword
* A balloon Hat
and then you get more balloons than you have
ever seen before to create what ever you like.

This Balloon Twisting Workshops bring out the creative side of every child!

These Balloon Workshops are so much fun to run and seeing all the children’s faces once they have created their balloon masterpieces is just awesome! If you want to bring one of the best experiences for your Vacation Care or create some very visual and extremely store vibe then ask for a Balloon Twisting Workshop, its the the way to go. You won’t regret it!!!

They are:

* Hands-on FUN
* Balloon are pre-inflated to save time
* Colourful and very bright

Learning how to make balloon animals has never been SO MUCH FUN. Imagine the look on all their faces when they are surrounded by hundreds of inflated modelling balloons. Then tell them there’s a magic show as well. They will be so excited.

A fully guided Balloon Twisting Workshop and Fun Magic Show! An excellent experience for Vacation Care kids!

Balloon Twisting workshop in north brisbane