Preschool Educational Activities Brisbane

Want an exciting childcare show that will keep the children, staff, and parents happy?

Finding the right childcare show and performer for kindergarten age audiences can be difficult. Does your centre see the same show – year in, year out? Can your 5 year olds tell you what happens even before the show starts? Do the parents grumble about paying for the same old stuff?

This is a problem many early learning centres have. Maybe your existing entertainer suits you just fine. If not, and you like someone different, this may be just what you are looking for.

We have a pre school educational entertainment package that provides you with a choice of 3 shows, each focusing on a theme important to young minds and bodies, which should be starting at a young age, as well as their parents and their expectations of you.

  • Cooperation/Anti Bully
  • Dental Awareness
  • Joy of Reading

Click on the pictures below to find out more about shows on Dental Awareness, Co-Operation/Anti Bully, Encouraging Reading and Just For FUN.

Your centre can have these shows in any order. The children can get an exciting new show every year. Book Jazzy J for a 4th year and the cycle begins again.

Of course, you may only need one of these educational themes. Book one stand alone show or the same show each year if that is your need. What you have now is choice.

Jazzy J understands you need the best available show to reassure the parents that their children are getting the quality care you offer. That’s why Jazzy J’s childcare shows are built from the ground up. They are both fun and educationally sound with input from educational and relevant professionals, plus the perfect mix of laughter and learning.

As always, if you need a just-for-fun magic show, Jazzy J has plenty of those too.

Jazzy J is a children’s performer who comes complete with her own PA system so everyone can hear easily and the added music and funny sound effects really add to the children’s experience. Everything is battery powered so there are no cables to trip over.

Hosting the show is EASY. Jazzy J only needs a few good paces away from a wall to set up. The children sit on the floor so any average sized room will work just fine.

There is no need to keep the children away as Jazzy J sets up as she uses this time to build the rapport needed to build up the children’s confidence.

For your peace of mind she is fully insured with 20 million Third Party Cover plus she holds a current Blue Card.

Please book your two, three, four and five year olds in early as you can for any of these shows to secure your preferred dates.

Jazzy J however, has specially created not just one childcare show, but a range of quality shows that are perfect for:

  • Children aged 2,3,4,5
  • Kindy
  • Kindergarten
  • C&K
  • Early Education Centre
  • Early Learning
  • Prep
  • Preschool
  • Daycare
  • Childcare