The Little Mates Show

Little Mates

Finding anti bully / cooperation themed shows for pre school audiences was a problem many early learning centres … and what was on offer was aimed at older primary school aged audiences. Now your search is over.

The Little Mates show has anti bully themes of cooperation, respect, inclusion, tolerance, care and compassion. The Little Mates Show is a gentle introduction to getting along with others and making friends. It is specially designed for Kindergarten, Prep, Childcare, Early Learning ages.

Using colourful and interactive magic tricks, Jazzy J promotes 3 important messages:

  • Co operation and tolerance
  • Inclusion – Come join our group
  • Playing by the rules


Scotty Scarecrow sure looks different, but as the children find out, on the ‘inside’ he’s just like you and me.

A sad face turns into a big smile when everyone is included in the game.

Dickens the dog doesn’t play the game by the rules but after some helpful advice from the children, it all ends happily.

To wrap it all up, the Magic Drawing Board comes to life to help the children remember all the fun and important messages that they have learnt during the show.

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