The Magic of Reading Show

Opening a book is like opening a door to a world of opportunities! Everyday we strive to get our children to read and we strive even harder for them to enjoy it!

Reading is magic, reading’s fun, there’s something for everyone … so goes the lyrics in Jazzy J’s professionally recorded introductory song. It really sets the mood as the children stare at Jazzy J’s Magical Books.

DickensJazzyJHelping Jazzy J enthuse young minds with a love for books is Dickens, the well read but very naughty dog. This life size puppet is entrancing. Sure he makes them laugh but he lets the children know that anyone can enjoy what books have to offer. Reading is magic with Dickens as a role model.

What makes Jazzy ‘s books so special? With Jazzy J’s big books each story magically comes to life as the colourful characters find themselves in a pickle.

The little fish – who never does what he is told – wishes he had listened to his mother, when he discovers going into Sidney Shark’s cave was not such a good idea. This is a gentle don’t go with strangers message.

Jazzy J uses her magical skills and a lot of laughs (psst! with a lot of help from the children too) to enthuse a love of reading.

This show is perfect for 3,4,5 year olds at C&K, pre school and kindys PLUS Lower Primary School ages of 6,7,8 years old. Library Holiday Programs and Childcare Centres around Brisbane

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